Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service for using pokemonsim.com ("pokemonsim.com", "we", "us", "the Website", "this Website"). You must read these terms and agree to them before creating a pokemonsim.com account. If you do not agree with these terms, you may not register for the Website. We may modify these terms at any time.

Acceptable Use

You must follow these rules for acceptable use.

This Website is for people ages 13 and up. You may not use the Website if you are under the age of 13. If you believe that someone under the age of 13 is using this Website, please contact us immediately at mtgboxsim@gmail.com.

You may not interfere with this Website's operation. You may not attempt to gain access to another user's account. You may not attempt to disrupt or tamper with the Website's server or services. You may not place undue burden on the Website through the use of automated means.

One account per person and one account per team/company. You may operate at most one personal account on this Website. If you represent a particular company or team, then you may create up to one professional account for the company or team.

You will maintain ownership of your account. Your account for this Website belongs to you alone, and it is not shareable or transferrable. You may not register an account with the intent to share access to it with other parties or make it intentionally insecure, open, or "generic". You may not sell, trade, or transfer ownership of your account to another party.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines for acceptable has consequences. We may at any time issue a warning, suspend or delete your account, restrict your future access to our services, report any illegal activities to your internet service provider or appropriate law enforcement authorities, or any additional punitive actions.

We are the final arbiters of these rules. We may take actions or make decisions about acceptable behavior outside of these guidelines to protect the Website or other users. You agree that pokemonsim.com team is the final arbiter of appropriate behavior on our services and we reserve the right to suspend anyone's access to the Website for any reason, at any time, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

Limitation of Liability

This section limits our obligations to you.

The Website is provided “AS-IS”. We do our best to provide you a reliable and evolving service, but we may change, terminate, or restrict access to any aspect of the Website, at any time, without notice.

The Website is provided on an “AS-AVAILABLE” basis. While we will do our best to avoid it, the Website may have downtime, outages, or periods of slow activity.

You use the Website at your own risk. You agree that we do not owe you any compensation for site outages, software bugs, inconveniences, or our failure to live up to any statement in this document. You further agree that you will not hold us liable for any losses, whether those be personal, financial, data, or competitive, arising from your use of this Website.

Price data is for informational purposes only. The Website may include information about the price of third-party products or cards. Absolutely no guarantees are made for this information. See stores for final prices.

Contact information

At any time, please contact us at mtgboxsim@gmail.com for questions related to these Terms of Service.